How To Have Positive And Interesting Dreams

In 1988 I had many positive dreams. I also had many dreams with predictions that became true into practice in my daily life. I was very impressed with dream interpretation based on Carl Jung’s method. I started writing a scientific book in February of this year in order to prove to the world that his method of dream interpretation is the right one for many reasons.

However in 1989 I discovered the existence of the anti-conscience and I had to deal with its absurdity.

Fortunately, I was very young and strong.

I had many interesting dreams with information about many things that I didn’t consider important, but had an important symbolic meaning. The symbolic meaning is the hidden meaning behind the apparent one, somehow similar to the meaning of a poem. This meaning gives you real information about your reality and the future.

I saw the depth of my ignorance. There were more than too many important things that I ignored.

When I changed my personality and I became a balanced person I verified that I was very lucky because God made me eliminate my dangerous anti-conscience.

I had to suffer, but who doesn’t suffer in life?

There are so many sad examples everywhere. People suffer for many reasons.

My positive dreams were showing me that I could become an extraordinary person. My suffering transformed me into a calm and sensitive person. Before this process of transformation I was aggressive, cruel, and impatient. I had to change.

You probably have to change too, since you have an anti-conscience like everyone else. You are not an exception, even if you believe that you are a good person.

You will have many interesting dreams that will help you become more intelligent, in combination with your life experiences. This is one of the most important aspects in your dreams. They are about your daily life. They are about your psychological system and what you have to do. Your life and your dreams are connected.

So, you don’t only have lessons that help you understand your psychological problems, you make predictions and you see the things that appeared in your dreams happening in your daily life, while you understand why they are happening this way, and many other truths that you cannot imagine now.

Your dreams give you practical lessons about what is happening in your daily life. The information you have in your dreams helps you become more intelligent and sensitive. It also helps you understand how the world works, and what determines the future development of your reality.

You understand the various reasons existent behind every main reason for the formation of a certain problem. This means that you have access to a higher level of consciousness. You stop thinking based on the narrow-minded concepts of your historical time.

At this point, you stop having nightmares. You have warnings when someone else has bad intentions, and not because of your own behavior. You have dreams that help you understand how to prepare the future you desire.

They are positive because they give you interesting lessons, but many times the knowledge you will acquire is sad because you are in a cruel world. For example, your dreams will help you stop being naïve and believing in unreal things.

You will see how mature you will become thanks to the information you will have in dream messages.

You will stop believing in lies and you will stop being manipulated by the commercial world. You will see the bad side of everything, which is hidden behind the apparent reality. This knowledge is not pleasant, but it is better to know the truth. This way you will avoid having many deceptions in life.

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