Why Do Most Solar Panels Have 36 Solar Cells?


Most solar panel systems that offer electricity to a 12 volt solar system have 36 cells to get a simple reason.

Solar cells can be found in a variety of sizes. Some are just 3 inches by 3 inches. Different sizes are by 5, 5, 4 by 4, and 6 by 6. There are a number of other strange sizes, too, however these are the typical sizes utilized for producing electricity in cottages and homes.

How this happens is discussed in another article called,”The Way on earth Can a Small Solar Mobile Make Electricity”. With this discussion, it’s enough to realize that each cell within this size range generates approximately .55 volts. In other words, a little more than half of a volt.ไฟถนนโซล่าเซลล์

In off-the-grid solar installations, electricity created by the cells in a solar power has been stored in batteries. With this, there will be no electricity for the house or cottage in the evening. However, batteries possess their constraints and will be damaged should over charged. For this reason, it’s important your solar panels will be producing the sum of power the batteries may handle.

In a 12-volt system, as an example, the batteries may receive upto 17 volts so on a continual basis without causing them damage, so long because the electricity inside them is being used on an everyday basis. Some voltage has been lost as it travels down the cord to the battery thus producing approximately 19 volts is ideal.

Here is the math… If each cell in the board produces.55 volts and we need the panel to make approximately 1-9 volts, we can divide 1-9 volts by the amount of wattage generated by each individual solar cell, .55 volts, plus we now get 35.5. Meaning if we now have 35.5 solarcells — rounding around 36 cells each producing just a little more than half a liter, and we string them together properly, we’ll have 19.8 volt developing of our solar panel.

As I said before, only a bit of this voltage is going to be lost since it travels down the cable to the bolts. The voltage is likely to be reduced for roughly 16 volts at that time it has there. That is still enough to shove on the power to the battery to get use today or later.

And THAT’S why most solar-panels have 3-6 solarcells.

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