Are You Familar With the Development of the Valve?


A valve is a device which controls the flowrate, pressure or the direction. The controlled fluid may function as the liquidgas, gas, the combination of liquid and gas or the mix of liquid and solid. The valve usually is made up of body, seat, bonnet, parts for shutting or opening, actuating apparatus, sealing element and so on. The controlling use of the valve is dependent upon the actuating apparatus or the movement of the fluid that drives the sliding, rotating or turning of the parts for shutting or opening to modify the area of the flow passing.

Two centuries ago, the Chinese people KP-LOK applied the bamboo back and plug into water pipeline. Then later they applied the sluice into the irrigational canal, the plate test valve into bellows for smelting and so on. With the maturation of smelting procedure and hydraulic machinery, the plug made of lead and brass appeared in Europe. Moreover, with the broad use of boiler, in 1681 the valve with lever and heavy bob came into the whole world. Before the invention of the Watt steam engine, then the plug valve and check valve would be the very important valves. The steam-engine leaded the valve into a new field especially mechanical business.

With the growth of the steam flowrate and tension, the plug valve can’t match the number of steam entrance and exhaustion whatsoever. As a way to solve the issue, people then devised the slide valve. In 1840, the check valve with threaded stem and also the wedge gate valve with threaded stem turned into the great breakthrough at the valve area. Both valves failed to just meet up with the requirement for temperature and pressure at this time but additionally initially meet the demand for flow law. Later, because of the accelerated development of power industry, petroleum industry, chemical industry and shipbuilding industry, a variety of high or gas valves sprang up like mushrooms.

All in all, step by step the valve manufacturing becomes just one of the essential industries in the mechanical sector. There are a lot of applications for your own valve. It is closely correlated with your daily life. For instance, the tap applied for flowing water pipe and also the valve used for liquefied petroleum gas stove are the valves. Moreover, it’s the crucial part for different mechanical equipments such as gas motor engine, steam engine, compressor, pump, vehicle, boat or aerocraft. is the international B2B platform in the KP-LOK  industry of valves and valve parts. SeekValve aggregates the commerce contributes to this region, and our ultimate target is to benefit the sellers and buyers of both valves and valve parts by utilizing these leads through our online tools.

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