Green, Gold and Red Stripes – The Colors of Jamaica


Who is unfamiliar with this green-gold-red Colours mix? Shirts, bags, bandanas, wrist bands – you name it – this has painted almost a number of goods you can possess, across continents, also through time. It could also be witnessed decorated with all the shape of the guy with dreadlocks, or with cannabis. The combo was a signature perhaps maybe not merely of this world-renown reggae artist Bob Marley, but one of those famous genre as well, as well as of the culture.

The green-gold-red stripes were in the colors of their Rastafarian movement, where Bob Marley was a devotee. The motion started out after a black man, called Tafari Makonnen, had been hailed emperor of Ethiopia from the 1930s. It had been thought to become always a prophecy Marcus Garvey materializing, that the Blacks will again rise in their culture bombarded by slavery. Rastafarianism propagate quick in Jamaica, especially in aspects of African Americans where oppression was substantially felt

The motion strongly condemned racism, also promoted one-ness one of individuals of various skin colors. This was adopted by Marley, and was ever since that time a fantastic effect in his audio. This has transcended even in the White civilization, attracting White followers also.

The green represented the richness of Ethiopia’s natural resources; the gold stood to the wealth of these inhabitants; and the reddish was because of its bloods of the liberation fighters in their own lands. Cannabis is frequently associated to such stripes because smoking was clearly one of those holy practices in the motion, so considering it for a soul-cleansing task.

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